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echoESX - Coming soon

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Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out. 





The EchoESX (Extended Squitter Experimental) is a Mode S, Class 1, remote mount transponder designed to meet the 2020 requirements of 14 CFR 91.225. Ease of installation is a main design criteria to make echo the most affordable ADS-B solution for Experimental and LSA aircraft. EchoESX is designed to interface directly to the most popular EFIS systems including Dynon Skyview, GRT and MGL Avionics. An optional control head is available for traditional panel mount installations. EchoESX offers full Class 1 250W Mode S transponder performance in an incredibly small 75-gram package. When every ounce counts choose EchoESX.


Mode S and ADS-B

Compact package, full-size performance. EchoESX is a 250W Class 1 Mode S transponder. When combined with an existing rule compliant GPS source, echoESX provides full ADS-B out on 1090ES to meet the 2020 U.S. mandate. 


Compact and Lightweight

EchoESX is small, about the size of a deck of playing cards and 75% of the weight. When compared to the next smallest general aviation transponder the EchoESX is about 1/5 of the weight and 1/10 the volume, in fact, echoESX is actually lighter than the control heads used for most remote mount transponders. Integration with Popular EFIS Configure your transponder directly through popular EFIS from Dynon, GRT, MGL and more. All of the transponder control functions are available directly from your EFIS. EchoESX also uses your existing altitude encoder and GPS. If you do not have an EFIS installed a panel mount control unit is available. Easy Installation EchoESX is easy to install with a single 6-pin wiring harness and an SMA for connection to a transponder antenna.



  • Mode S transponder

  • ADS-B 1090ES DF17 transmitter

  • Meets the performance requirements of TSO-C166b Class B1S

  • Meets the ADS-B Out equipment performance requirements of 14 CFR 91.227

  • Meets the minimum performance requirements of the following RTCA specifications: DO-181E Level 2els Class 1, DO-260B Class B1S US

  • Patents Pending



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