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ping2020 - USA only

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2020 is the world’s smallest and lightest UAT ADS-B transceiver. ADS-B-In 1090ES/978UAT. ADS-B-Out on 978MHz. FCC approved.





 Ping2020 is the world’s smallest and lightest full range ADS-B transceiver.  ADS-B helps aircraft operators sense and avoid possible collisions through a constant exchange of real time position data.  ADS-B is mandated by the FAA for all aircraft in the U.S. National Airspace by 2020.   Used now primarily on manned aircraft, we have miniaturized the equipment to make it usable for small drones.  Ping2020 measures 25mm x 39mm x 12mm, which is a fraction of the size of earlier units.  At just 20 grams, ping2020 is ideal for UAS applications to improve safety with minimal impact to capability and performance.  Ping2020 detects ADS-B aircraft within a 100 statute mile radius in real time, dramatically improving drone operator awareness of threats in the area including aircraft beyond line of sight.



  • Detects commercial aircraft threats on 1090MHz and 978MHz within a 100 statute mile radius in real time 

  • Reports threats from commercial aircraft in a programmable spherical radius 

  • Transmits ADS-B on 978MHz (UAT) 20W nominal 

  • Meets MOPS DO-282B Class A1S 

  • Navigation Source (GPS and Baro) FYXnav-B option 

  • SMA Antenna Connector 

  • GDL90 combined UAT and 1090ES traffic reports 

  • Direct Integration with Pixhawk Autopilot

  •  Integration with DJI via DJI Software Development Kit


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